Monday, November 12, 2007

Laser Eye Surgery - which one to choose?

Are you thinking of getting laser eye surgery? but what kind of laser eye surgery to choose?

Which one suit you best? What about the cost? Is it one time solution? Will it last long?

I bet there are a lot more questions pondering your right now about laser eye surgery.

Thus, in this blog, I'm providing you with some must know information about laser eye surgery, the interesting facts and findings as well as some experiences from those who had gone through the laser eye surgery.

I hope the information available here, will be beneficial to you.

Enjoy reading!

Listed below are four common types of laser eye surgery:

1) LTK Laser Eye Surgery
LTK is an abbreviation of "Laser thermokeratoplasty". It is used to treat astigmatism as well as farsightedness. This method does not cut or remove any eye tissue. What it does, simply using the heat of a laser beam to reshape the cornea. The drawback of this method of laser eye surgery is, it does not give you a long lasting result. You may have to undergo for another surgery when your problem reoccurred. However, it is less expensive than other types of laser eye surgery.

2) Photorefractive Keratotomy (PRK) Laser Eye Surgery
Another common method of laser eye surgery is known simple as "PRK". It is precise and fast. You can back to work in three days time. In this method, the cornea is reshaped in a way that a fully computerized machine sends an ultraviolet beam of light to remove a very micro amount of tissue on the outer area of the cornea. You do not have to worry as the precision is extensively very high and in a few minutes everything settled. This kind of laser eye surgery could suit you best if you have medium level of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

3)Lasik Laser Eye Surgery
Lasik stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis. This method of laser eye surgery is far more complex than the previous two. However, it is not suitable for everyone. Before taking lasik, someone has to go a thorough check to know whether lasik is the best option. In lasik, a small flap of the corneal tissue to be cut using a special tool known as microkeratome. This is to make way for the laser machine to laser the targeted tissue. The targeted tissue is below the flap. It is removed by using a fully computerized laser machine. Then, the flap is replaced. The recovery is almost instant. The cost of lasik laser eye surgery still can be considered expensive.

4) Lasek Laser Eye Surgery.
This method of laser eye surgery is fairly new. Lasek is an abbreviation of laser epithelial keratomileusis. It is commonly considered as the combination of lasik laser eye surgery and PRK laser eye surgery. This method is more suitable if you have cornea which is too thin or too flat for lasik. There is no cutting of flap. The outer surface of cornea is soften by numbing it first with eyedrops, then applying with the diluted alcohol solution. The outer layer is peeled while the laser beam reshape the cornea. The outer layer then be placed back to its original position. To fasten and protect healing, you have to put on a soft contact lens. The time to recovery is slightly slower than the lasik laser eye surgery, but definitely faster then the PRK laser eye surgery. Lasek is not for everyone. You have to go a thorough eye check to know whether lasek is the best option for you.

So now do you have a better understanding about laser eye surgery?

The basic rule is consult the best laser eye surgeon in your area and find the most ideal method for your laser eye surgery.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Experiences by those who had received Laser Eye Surgery

Experiences by those who had received Laser Eye Surgery

Hi readers! I would like to share some experiences by those who had received laser eye surgery.

I am thinking of getting laser eye surgery one day, once it become affordable to me. The stories of successful laser eye surgery always inspired me. If you are thinking of getting laser eye surgery too, then some experiences below might help.

Enjoy reading!

Story No.1
"...The surgeon then peels back the surface of the eye, and folds it over to one side, and the laser fires. It sounds like a loud click, like a large electric spark, but rapid fire for about 30 seconds." .... read more about this laser eye surgery experience

Story No.2

"Next they taped my upper and lower eyelashes on the eye they are going to work on. They gave me numbing drops in my eye and finally put the eye speculum in to hold my eye open. I was really worried about that part but it wasn't bothersome at all. They put more drops in to wash out my eye and then put this suction cup on my eye." ... find out more about this laser eye surgery experience

Story No.3
"Patricia is explaining that they will press on my eye and I will black out for ten seconds and oh WOW OW OW that was rough for me. Actually I think I was going OW OW OW the whole ten seconds. And then a little zippy sound, the eye gets sight back, and my cornea flap is cut.
Whoa." .... find out more what happen to this laser eye surgery patient.

Story No.4
"(They peal back the top of the cornea with one laser and then another laser reshapes the surface of the eye underneath. Then they lay the flap back down. Yes, it’s a little scary especially while they’re doing it.".... what happen next? read more about this laser eye surgery experience.

Only four real life experiences at this moment,

Please come back, as i will put on some more experiences
by those who had received laser eye surgery.